Tips on Buying a Toilet

Your toilet is an important part of your life and it is important that you always find comfort once you get to use it. You need to make sure that your toilet is something that would give and provide you the convenience service that you are looking for. Therefore, whether you are renovating the entire bathroom, updating or replacing an old and broken toilet, you need to find the best provider or company that would ensure you the best and right for your toilet. You need to familiarize yourself with the latest advances or trends that will make ensure the durability or long-lasting service that your toilet will provide.

Guide or Tips on Buying a Toilet

Select the flush power—you need to consider how much flush power that you will need. It is important that you will choose the toilet that flushes efficiently without clogging.

Select the type and shape of the bowl—when planning to purchase a bowl, you need to take into consideration the space available in your bathroom. If your bathroom has a larger space, then the elongated bowl will definitely work great. In contrast, if you have smaller bathroom like half-bath, you need to choose the round bowl toiler to fit your tight spaces.

Select the toilet height—it is important that you determine the right and appropriate height for your toilet. The standard sizes are those 14 or 15 inches toilet. The models that are 16 or 17-inch models have become popular especially to the taller ones or for the physically challenged ones.

Select the design or style of your toilet—when it comes to the style of your toilet, your own preferences and interest are needed. You can choose from the various colors and style that would fit or match the décor of your bathroom. Moreover, when selecting your toilet, you need to consider the distance between the wall and the floor drain. It is called the “Rough-In”.

How to review a toilet flushing system

  • You need to compare the flush ratings online—it will be very helpful if you compare the independent test results of certain flushing performances from among the manufacturers and toilet models.
  • You need to check rebates on the high-efficiency models—the toilet consumes more water use, especially that the toilet you purchase needs or consumes water more than the other ones. You need to check for the customer’s reviews or independent test results to help you identifying which toilet is of high efficiency and is giving you discounts through less water consumption.
  • You need to measure the rough in before you buy or purchase the toilet—the distance between the wall and middle of the flange bolts, which holds down the toilet, will give you the tip or hint on choosing your toilet.

The best ways for you to find the best flushing toilets or flushing system is to check on reviews and ratings or to familiarize yourself with the important features that a toilet must possess. Considering the tips and guides that are provided above, might be of great help for you in finding the best toilet for your home.

Popular toothbrushes and Toothpastes in Canada

Tooth Thoughts – Toothpaste 101

Toothaches scare even adults. Also, a great set of teeth often impress other people. These are just a couple of reasons why you should take good care of your teeth. To do this, you need to visit you dentist at least once or twice a year to make sure that your teeth are always in good condition.You also need to brush your teeth regularly, twice or thrice daily. You need to know how to brush your teeth correctly, the best toothbrush for you, and the best toothpaste. This is why it is very important to know your toothpaste thoroughly. The way to achieve this is to know everything there is to know about the toothpaste’s ingredients.

These are some of the most common toothpaste ingredients:

Sodium fluoride. This compound is a popular cleaning agent. It fights cavities, it strengthens teeth, and it prevents tooth decay. It also prevents plaque and gums inflammation.
Triclosan. Triclosan is apopular antiseptic and disinfectant used not just in toothpaste but also in cosmetics, medical devices, healthcare, and different household products. It prevents gum diseases.
Titanium Dioxide. It whitens the toothpaste and makes it look better for consumers. It is also used in cosmetics, paints, food, sunscreens, and pharmaceuticals.
Sodium saccharin. When you think about the different chemical and mineral ingredients of the toothpaste, you can only imagine how bad it will taste. This is why sweeteners such as Sodium saccharin just have to be in the list of your favorite toothpaste’s ingredients.
Carrageenan. This is a toothpaste thickener. It keeps your toothpaste on your toothbrush. Without it, your toothpaste will be more like liquid which just would not do.
Propylene gycol. It keeps the moisture in the toothpaste so it is in its best condition to clean your teeth.
Calcite. This is found in chalk, limestone, and marble. It acts on your teeth and activates all the toothpaste’s properties as you brush your teeth. It is easily found in just about anything including plasters, cements, lipsticks, antacids, and face powders.
Silica Sand. Another abrasive, it also keeps the solid and liquid components of the toothpaste together. It thickens the toothpaste too.

Here are some of the popular toothbrushes in Canada, to go with the toothpaste of your choice:

GUM Proxabrush. It focuses on cleaning the areas between your teeth to prevent plaque formation. Its triangular bristles ensures cleaning of even those hard to reach areas.
Mentadent White and Clean. True to its name, this toothbrush keeps your teeth white and clean. Its bristles are made ofmicrofiber which works great in getting rid of plaque. It also reaches even hard-to-reach areas.
Oral-B 7000. This popular toothbrush brand also rules in Canada. This electric toothbrush, specifically, lets you choose among six different brushing modes. It has pressure sensor and it is recommended by dentists from different parts of the world. It promises to remove 100% of plaque and it comes with a SmartGuide so you can understand and maximize all its benefits.